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Next-Gen Carbon Management & Disclosure Platform

Set clear targets, automate ESG reporting, generate transparent benchmarking and get actionable intelligence for a positive impact on people and the planet.

Flexible and Powerful

Holistic Carbon Management

Compliant with regulatory-grade frameworks

Flexible data sets, calculation methods, models, and audit trails provide instant compliance with the disclosure frameworks.

Powerful Analytics
Your carbon emissions are tracked, calculated and benchmarked in real-time to help you identify important levers for reduction over time.
Actionable paths to Net Zero

Our simple automated process will help understand, reduce and offset carbon emissions, helping your company achieve its net zero targets, in line with the Science Based Targets initiative.


Getting Started Has Never Been Easier

SaaS Quick Start
Start fast and stay up to date with all the latest product features, templates, calculations and emission factors.
Emissions Tracking
Scope 1, 2 and 3 tracking, customizable dashboard and ability to set/track progress towards carbon reduction goals.
Scope Assignments
Guided data feed setup with automated scope and method assignments based on industry standards.
Calculation Engine
Powerful No-Code transformation and calculation engine that provides ability to turn incoming data into metrics.
Standards by Default
Solution comes prebuilt with industry standard emissions factors(ex: USEPA), calculations and reporting templates.
Turn the emissions data into industry standard CDP, TCFD reports. Fully automate report generation and delivery.
How it works

Get moving
in 3 Simple Steps

Fully automated, our software helps manage, track & analyze your footprint.
Analytics & Benchmarks
Gain actionable Insights & compare yourself to other players in the industry
Report & Reduce
Out of the box compliance reports & machine learning models to get started.
Powerful & Beautiful

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